On Friday, February 6, 2004, we bought this 1987 Cadillac Limousine, ...

...then stripped it down, ...

...& then had it painted.

After 5 weeks of drinkin' beer, bustin' ass & drinkin' beer, ...

...we were finished.

special thanks to everybody who gave us one Hell of a helpin' hand...
Chris Stowe / Tom Lombardo / Thomas Sewell / Lee Stowe (Trinity Auto Body - Goldsboro, NC ...for a kickass paint job) /
Jim Sewell / Ray Johnson / Steven Stowe / Abriel & Adena Stowe /
Bob Nelson (Ambassador Limousine - Garner, NC ...for givin' us a killer deal on the car) /
Eugene Baker / Bart Edwards / Tires-N-Parts / Doug Fanning /
Ace Brogden (German Performance Center - Garner, NC ...for lettin' us use the shop & puttin' up with our shit)

June 2005   page 26

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